Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Opening Day Open House!

Opening day is only four days away, and I am busy putting the final touches on Novel Nellie! On Saturday the 28th at noon, the blue door to the shop will open to customers for the first time-- won't you stop by and check it out? :) We're pretty excited to share with the NW suburbs a kind of retail that it hasn't often had as an option: products made by ethical means, that sacrifice not an ounce of style!  At Novel Nellie you will find clothing and accessories that are unique, well made and that apply your dollar towards positive change. Our space is small, but our product and purpose is mighty!

See you there!  Questions? Send them to----->

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Friday, May 6, 2016

Who is Novel Nellie?

A Novel Nellie is...

Smart: both intelligent and scrappy, in a way that takes responsibility for her circle of influence, desires to learn and shares her knowledge with others.

Effortless: not striving for perfection, but realizing that scars and the unexpected can generate growth, and may make for a more interesting, rewarding story!

Inclusive: treating people like the individuals they are, not comparing or competing, but recognizing the beauty in both variety and kindred spirit.

Adventurous: jumping with both feet into a world that greatly needs each of us to pursue our built-in purpose-- for this day, this year and each season to come.

Do you love the expression of personal style, but know that your value is not in what you wear, but in who you are?  Do you want to be an ambassador for ethical style that helps protect, employ and liberate creativesand craftsmen both here in the US and all over the world?  Would you like to shop in a place that values quality over quantity, and offers one-of-a-kind garments, and jewelry crafted by hand?

If you believe style is not "one size fits all", that each person sees beauty in different aesthetics, that choosing to shop ethically is a bold move towards positive change, then you should probably come check Novel Nellie out!

Stay tuned here on the blog for more details about the brands and products we'll be carrying, events and behind the scenes updates!  You can also find us on Instagram @novelnellie and on Facebook!