Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Vintage for All

I often encounter people who like the idea of vintage clothing, but seem afraid to, or uncertain of how to wear it. Most of the time, I've found that they think it will be fussy or high maintenance, while others can only envision past styles as "costume".  Still, I'm a total believer that vintage clothing can be worn and enjoyed by anyone, styled different ways for different folks in everyday life! 

A dress is only a dress, no one person can say how it should be styled. Perhaps one person would take a rockabilly approach to a dress, another might add a bohemian touch, or maybe wear the garment as it originally would have been! Regardless of decade, garments take on the personality of the wearer-- the phrase "Wear it, don't let it wear you." comes to mind. :)  This is the very reason Novel Nellie has a fitting room! Not just to determine fit, but to allow you to explore a style you may not have before.  It's sometimes amazing the difference between what we see on the hanger, and what we see on a person, it is truly a risk worth taking! 

So next time you are in the shop looking for dress, find something vintage that speaks to you and try it on! Sister, you may be delightfully surprised. :)

On the note of the change styling can make, check out how I styled this 60's drop waist dress to make it more updated! ✨

If you've styled a Novel Nellie dress to make it your own, I'd love to see it! Tag #novelnellie on Instagram if you'd like to share. ;)