Friday, July 15, 2016

Thrifty Lady

Find this strange, if you will:  I love thrifting. These tops are just some of my recent thrifty success!

Even having created Novel Nellie, where I truly hope people will shop for (and love) ethical clothing and accessories, I want you to love thrifting too!  Why?  Because I know thrifting is awesome-- for your wallet, for your creative expression, for sustainability and yes, even for the good of the garment industry!  Every garment that you or I purchase from our local Goodwill or independent thrift store, is one less garment that is purchased from brands that manufacture with unethical standards.

But what about that adorable J. Crew blouse you picked up the last time you scored at Savers?  J.Crew, and a million other mainstream brands don't exactly adhere to ethical manufacturing, right?

Right, but by purchasing that blouse, as apposed to a new one actually from the brand in question, you are:

  • reusing something that could be needlessly turned into waste.
  • not putting more money into the pockets of unethical garment production.
  • Oh, and saving money. <3

Our purchasing choices matter!  Voting with our dollars if you will, and there are many ways to vote for a more ethical, sustainable future-- one of which is voting against unethical fashion, in any way you can.  Thrifting falls into that category friends, so you will find me doing it often!  Can I tell you how many times someone compliments a top or pair of pants I'm wearing, and I boldly + joyfully get to say that I got it for $3 at Goodwill!? 

It's bliss, let me tell you. ;)

This is, of course, only half of the ethical fashion battle, though, as ethically made brands and makers still need our support to keep doing what they are doing-- making fair trade, handmade or US made garments, and finding quality vintage goods.  By purchasing these clothes and accessories, we're spreading the reach of ethical fashion and giving competition to brands that don't take ethical manufacturing into account!  I'd be thrilled if one day brands like Target and Seychelles used Fair Trade manufacturing, but until then, I'll be thrifting and buying ethical. What about you?

Have a friend or two that needs to hear about this stuff? Go ahead and share away!

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