Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Adventure Awaits

Over the past week and a half, I've been summer adventuring-- but really, life adventuring. 

When I launched this little boutique and described the lady that Novel Nellie represents, it's no fluke that the aspect of adventure was included!  Though I love bringing you beautiful, unique and well made clothing and accessories of a variety of ethical sources, that clothing is not who I am.  None of us are the clothes we wear, or the style we don, we are what we use our breath, influence and gifts to do in this life!

Since early spring, I've known that the end of July was going to be full: full of joy, crazy schedules, travel and quality time spent with an array of lovely characters.  On the 24th I flew to San Jose to spend four days with an amazing organization that I love.  I had the opportunity to experience their day-to-day work, break bread with the founders, share in awesome conversation and even visit a good friend of mine in the process.  I arrived home with one day to spare before launching into my next adventure: an annual summer youth camp that I volunteer at, leading a small group of high school girls.  What an amazing weekend it was, full of laughter, tears and real talk about both pain and hope.

Life can be quite the adventure when we are out to love others, leave our expectations behind and embrace what awaits in the road ahead of us.  I can safely say that this even applies to clothes, in making a choice to shop ethically so that makers are treated fairly-- in that simple choice, we are contributing to a better tomorrow! :)

Do you have an adventure in loving others that you'd like to share? Send it to and you could be featured here on the blog! :)

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