Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Long Grove Vintage Days!

This coming Saturday and Sunday, August 20th and 21st, you can find Novel Nellie at historic Long Grove's newest street festival: Vintage Days!

Not only am I stoked about this weekend to get out in the sunshine and to organize a stunning booth full of vintage clothing for you, but there's also a very special place in my heart for the venue because Long Grove is my hometown!

My childhood elementary school is nestled just next to the historic Village, I have so many memories of many of the old (now gone) shops, and I've watched over the past decade or so as Long Grove has...well, sort of died.  I even wrote this post on the topic, back in 2014 because the decline of the business environment made me so sad.  In the past several of months, though, I've felt a sort of changing of the winds when I've been in Long Grove-- new growth of businesses, aesthetic improvement, promising new endeavors, and finding shops that I actually want to shop in-- all of this while still maintaining Long Grove's values in history, small business and authenticity. So while many buildings in the Villiage are currently for sale, I see that as a good thing!  New ownership, new blood, new ideas to bring life back to this little historic village that I call my home town.

The only thing possible sweeter than that, is that I get to be part of that resurging business environment by setting up shop at this first year of Vintage Days!  If you are in the Chicago-land area this weekend, you should definitely check it out-- to me, it feels like history in the making and the start of progress in Long Grove again!  Admission is free, there will be food, craft brew, hayrides, music and lots of vintage shopping to do.

See you there!

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